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Travel Health


If you’re planning to travel, it’s important to arrange your travel vaccinations early. Due to the specialised nature of travel health, we do not provide travel vaccinations in the practice, however you can access these services from the Tropical Medical Bureau.


Common vaccines required for travel throughout Asia, Africa and America include Hepatitis A, Typhoid, Tetanus, Diphtheria and Polio. Many vaccines must be given at least two weeks before travel. Some must be given even sooner, so please ensure you contact them as soon as possible once you make your travel plans.

We can provide general travel health advice and prescriptions for prophylactic medications (e.g. Malaria Prophylaxis) if necessary. Illnesses may be caused by contaminated food or water, poor personal hygiene or infected insects. We can also advise which medications might be useful to bring as a precaution.


Useful Links & Resources

  • HSPC - Travel Advice for International Travellers 

  • Fit For TravelCountry specific information on health risks, vaccine requirements and malaria risk are listed to enable you to determine if you need to take additional measures to maintain health during travel (provided by NHS Scotland).

  • Tropical Medical Bureau - the leading travel medicine clinic in Ireland with 22 clinics nationwide, specialists in providing the best information and medical care available for the international traveller.

This content of this page (and links to other sites) is for general information purposes only and does not substitute medical advice. While we endeavour to keep this website up-to-date, errors may occur. We advise all patients to discuss their health concerns with their GP. If you would like to suggest amendments or highlight new information that could be useful to others please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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